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Lunch Set, Japanese Lunch Set, Bento Set, Japanese Bento, Bento Lunch

Enjoy Nanbantei Japanese Restaurant lunch Set specials / Bento Set specials at only $13.50 onwards.

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Yakitori Bento $13.50


Our famous Yakitori Bento consists of 5 Yakitori and a lot more.


Yakiniku Set $15.00


Pan-fried sliced beef with onion is dipped in rich textured sauce.


Yakitori Don Set $15.00


Yakitori over rice and comes with Udon noodles.


Pork Don Set $15.00


Charcoal grilled Pork slices over rice comes with green salad.


Grilled Chicken & Udon Set $17.00


Grilled chicken breast comes with Udon noodles and California roll.


Sashimi & Temp Set $22.00


3 Kinds of fresh raw fish and deep-fried Tempura.


Foiled Salmon Set   $14.50


Salmon in foil comes with mixed vegetables in sauce.


Saba Shioyaki Set $14.00


Grilled salted Mackerel comes with minced chicken and mushroom over rice.


Gomoku Soba Set $14.50


Cold Soba noodles with 5 kinds toppings comes with deep-fried Gyoza and California roll.


Unadon & Temp Set $25.00


Grilled Eel over rice and deep-fried Tempura.


Lunch Set | Bento Set | Japanese Lunch Set | Japanese Bento | Bento Lunch

Lunch Set,Bento Set,Japanese Lunch Set,Japanese Bento,Bento Lunch

Lunch Set

Nanbantei Japenese Restaurant offer a wide range of lunch set / set lunch. Our set lunch / lunch set only at $13.50 onwards.

Bento Set

Let us make the choice for you with our bento lunch set / Japanese lunch set special at S$11.80 per set where you can enjoy a different set selection everyday


Lunch Set | Bento Set | Japanese Lunch Set | Japanese Bento | Bento Lunch